Ninja Turtle Nachos

Enter the world of nacho loving Ninja Turles! A super fun and addictive puzzle game!

5 stars on My moms scoreboard

Ninja Turtle NachosMy moms scoreboard5

Ninja Turtle Nachos is a fun puzzle game with stunning visuals and a lot of nachos.

3 Worlds With 16 Levels in Each

You have to help feed the Ninja Turtle. He is not yet a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle and the craving is not for pizza but for Nachos. Help feed your Ninja Turtle in this crazy fun and addictive puzzle game with 48 challenging levels.

Can you get 3 throwing stars?

Each level can be completed with up to three throwing stars. Are you a true Ninja? Will you be able to collect all the stars in each level? The gameplay is easy, but getting a perfect score might be more challenging then first imagined. Are you up for a challenge?

Super Fun & Addictive Gameplay

Your baby Ninja Turtle is craving nachos and your job is to make sure that the turtle gets fed some delicious nachos. Make sure the nachos find it’s way to the hungry Ninja Turtle – or he might kick your ass for letting him starve. Just kidding, the turtles are extremely friendly (when they are not hungry of course).

Available for Download

The app is available in the Apple app store here.

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